Ad Age selects COLLINS as their first Design Agency of the Year.

Design is not what we make. Design is what we make possible for others.

That’s been our mission from the start.

It appears to be working.

We’re honored that AdAge selected us as their first Design Firm of the Year.

Thank you to our teams in San Francisco and New York for pushing us into the future.

And thank you to our clients and partners who give us opportunities to do amazing things - and who make us better, every day.

We’re just getting started.

Design As Change Agent

“We see design as a problem-seeking process. Seeking, asking increasingly bigger questions, allows you to reframe a problem.”

In a recent interview with Forbes, Founder Brian Collins speaks to design being an agent of change and how it can create a better and brighter future. Click here to read the full interview.

Brian Collins On Why He Teaches

“The best designers are always rehearsing the future in some way; first they must seek and uncover some unseen truth or opportunity, then actualize it in some tangible way.”

CCO Brian Collins shares how he encourages students to channel their unique creative strengths into new concepts and possibilities that can benefit the world around them in the School of Visual Arts’ MFA Design blog.

COLLINS in Cairo

For the second year in a row, we were invited to speak at the RiseUp Summit, the international tech/startup/design conference based in Cairo, Egypt.

COLLINS Senior Designer Leo Porto spoke to a global crowd, leading an inspiring conversation on cultural identity and his experience creating Bonde, the first-ever conference dedicated to Brazilian design, happily co-sponsored by us

COLLINS High School Design Internship Program

The COLLINS High School Design Internship Program went into full gear this year, led by Yocasta Lachapelle. Isis Joseph and Kaye Torres are currently New York City high school students. Nicole Cousins and Cyra Cupid were high school interns with us last year and returned again after their first year at The Rhode Island School of Design. This week we begin interviewing candidates for 2019.

You're Invited.

“Design is not about what we do. Design is about what we encourage and enable others to do… it’s about building tools, environments and communications that help other people make meaningful things possible.”

San Francisco Managing Partner Karin Soukup and CCO Brian Collins discuss the importance of secret superpowers at COLLINS and more in Tobias van Schneider’s ‘How to Get a Job at X’ series.


Design is a powerful tool to create civic change, but voting is another way we can help create the future we want to live in.

Exercise your vote today.