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Foursquare, the location intelligence company, came to COLLINS looking for a solution to better communicate the value of the Foursquare Swarm check-in app. The app is all about “life-logging” with the tagline, “check-in and seize the day.”

We partnered with the Swarm team to create their most recent brand campaign.


Before diving into the campaign, we immersed ourselves into Foursquare’s brand architecture, markets and user experience research to determine where changes could be made in order to better connect with both their customers and their enterprise audiences. We partnered with the Foursquare team to identify and build platforms for the B2C and B2B product teams to expand upon. We evolved this positioning into a future-ready communications strategy that was bolstered by a new campaign and media plan.

We worked with the Foursquare team to create the new campaign, determine the best creative formats and explore innovative media placements. In a time where platforms are rapidly advancing and attention spans are dwindling by the second, brands are struggling to not only remain relevant but also simply keep up with the conversation. For the Foursquare Swarm app, we created a number of treatments tailored specifically to the outlet that proved to be most pertinent to current and future users: Snapchat. Our work with Foursquare made them one of the first brands to leverage Snapchat’s advertising capabilities, as well as Facebook’s vertical video ad format.

By leveraging sight, sound and motion, our team created a number of videos that honored the platform’s format, by effectively communicating the appeal, utility and value of Foursquare Swarm in a handful of comical real world scenarios — all within 8 seconds.


Following the launch of our campaign, we continue to partner with Foursquare’s media team to monitor the performance of the campaign and optimize along the way.


  • Nick Ace
  • Adrienne Chalfant
  • Nicolas Heller
  • Eddie Revis