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Shyp removes the hassles of shipping by simplifying the experience. At the push of a button, it picks up your product, packages it, and finds the lowest shipping price. Its leadership challenged us to launch their first marketing campaign to increase awareness and first time pick ups (FTPs).


No matter your location or the type of object you wish to mail, Shyp will take it from there. From this customer experience truth came our campaign. “We’ll Take It From Here” worked both ways: As a functional description of the service but also as a promise to relieve its customers from pain points of the “first mile” with unrivaled care and speed.


The campaign drove 149% increase in traffic to and a 65% increase in FTPs.


  • Matt Luckhurst
  • Nick Ace
  • Christian Widlic
  • Rob Smiley
  • Joanna Hobson
  • Nicolas Heller
  • Mari Juliano
  • Heller Films