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Founded in 2009 as a check-in game for mobile users, Foursquare has diversified and advanced its offerings in both the B2C and B2B space. With that expansion, though, came a more complicated business model and fragmented customer experience. To increase relevance and prepare for the future, we worked with Foursquare to determine a differentiating value proposition, build an enduring brand architecture, create a sensible product portfolio, and execute an effective go-to-market strategy.


Working closely with the founder and executive leaders, we clarified its future and path into it. By reframing Foursquare as a location intelligence company, we helped its leadership better speak to its value and rally the organization around a renewed sense of purpose.


We brought this campaign to market in partnership with the Foursquare team and saw an increase in both brand awareness engagement.


  • Leland Maschmeyer
  • Amber Guild
  • Nick Ace
  • Chris Konya
  • Adrienne Chalfant
  • Natalie Vartanian
  • Nicholas Rezabek
  • BUCK