Project Information

Facebook M


Facebook looked to COLLINS to develop a name and identity system for their new personal artificial intelligence tool to live within Messenger. The product is innovative in its ability to respond to the needs of users and has continued to take on a larger role in product experience.


The product launched in Fall as ’M’, an AI powered assistant able to complete complex tasks other services are not capable of. We imbued the assistant with a future forward spirit — one that conveys ’M’ as an innovative, useful, and trustworthy tool for consumers. The straightforward name reflects this, while pointing towards the future, while the identity takes the letter ’M’ and blends it with an infinity symbol to visualize the superpowers within.

Together the symbol and name make M feel alive, friendly and capable of anything.


The identity system was successfully delivered for the beta launch of ’M’, conveying its combination of technology and human-powered assistance. The final mark also allows the system to adapt and evolve form based on different interactions and experiences with its users.


  • Matt Luckhurst
  • Christian Widlic
  • Tom Wilder
  • Joanna Hobson
  • Casey Martin
  • Nicky Tesla
  • David Nguyen
  • Facebook Messenger Team