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Babyganics is a line of plant-based baby care products. While sales for the brand were steady, growth was slow. Research showed that once parents tried the product, they fell in love. But the brand, or lack of it, proved to be a barrier to trial. Babyganics asked us to reimagine their brand and develop a new identity and packaging that would tell its story in a more distinctive, motivating way.


What do new mothers think about most? Our research showed it’s the harmful situations and toxic chemicals in their home. We believed Babyganics could credibly and uniquely address mom’s urgency to create a “baby-safe” home. Or, as we stated it for Babyganics’ new brand platform, “Build a baby-safe world.”

Inspired by highly graphic mid-century children’s book illustration, our new design program brought the baby-safe world to life. We infused our story into a brand identity system, packaging, digital experiences, and marketing and publishing efforts. That provided a flexible look and feel for its converged brand experience. We designed a character for each SKU relevant to its function: a knight at-the-ready appeared on bug repellent, sun for sunscreen and a tile-covered turtle for tub and tile cleaner. And we turned into a site experience that feels more like an endearing children’s book than a transaction-oriented retail site.


Without a dime spent on paid media, the brand relaunch drove 272% surge in year-over-year sales. Customers now connect with Babyganics and are willing to pay for premium.


  • Matt Luckhurst
  • Thomas Wilder
  • Gabe Benzur
  • Seth Mroczka
  • Brian Collins

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