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Despite having a well-known brand, Avon’s recruitment numbers were declining and its representatives’ average age was rising. The issue: relevancy. Young, modern women yearning for more premium beauty cues had a hard time relating to the 125-year-old brand.


To help, we found inspiration in the company’s first Avon Lady − and the decades of women who succeeded her. In the first company-wide newsletter she sent out to all employees, Mrs. P.F.E. Albee wrote, “All success lies in one’s self and not in external conditions. Misfortunes are only a discipline, and there are possibilities which often are awakened by them which suggest to us the power and strength we possess, that perhaps otherwise would never have been recognized.”

For over a century, Avon has provided women with the opportunity to endure in the face of all odds. It was this strength that inspired the brand platform, “Hello Tomorrow.”


We redesigned Avon’s logo and identity with cues of femininity and elegance. In addition, we explored new concepts in packaging, photography, art direction, and campaign visual language to infuse the brand with the premium and contemporary beauty cues necessary to be a stronger competitor in the makeup and skincare space.


  • Clark Morgan
  • Zach Ludlow
  • Mark Bowe
  • Nick Austin
  • Ogilvy & Mather
  • Brian Collins