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Nourish Snacks


Nourish Snacks is a food company founded by nutritionist Joy Bauer. The company enjoyed strong initial success with their insanely delicious granola treats, but they were eager — and ready — to become a stronger challenger in the snack category.

COLLINS was invited to help Nourish Snacks do just that by reimagining and relaunching the company.

Nourish Snacks looked to us to help craft a new strategy and brand platform, and an overhaul of its identity, packaging and digital presence.


To design a more magnetic brand for Nourish Snacks, we first set out to better understand what now drives people’s behavior in snacking.

Through ethnographic research, in-home visits and shop-along trips with customers - as well as category research and interviews with key company stakeholders and retailers - we identified an idea that allowed us to unlock a new, defining value for Nourish Snacks.

The new Nourish Snacks brand identity, packaging and website design draws from that idea - and aimed to intertwine the surprising with the familiar. We were inspired by memories from when snacking was less complicated, less worrisome and, well, more fun.

The bold diagonals on the front of the new packaging come from the stripes found on snacks sold at the circus, carnivals and baseball games. Striped popcorn and peanut boxes, cotton candy and ice cream cones — all of them held the promise of delight. We borrowed from this familiar, whimsical language to invite people to try something surprising, different…and a lot better for you.


Nourish Snacks are now sold at more leading retailers than ever before across North America - including Target,, Wegmans and Duane Reade. Also check out the story about how Nourish Happily Breaks Every Rule of Snack Foods in Adweek.


  • Tom Wilder
  • Jump Jirakaweekul
  • Thorbjorn Gudnason
  • Bryna Keenaghan
  • Michele Kim
  • Ian Aaronson
  • Natalie Vartanian
  • Teemu Suviala
  • Gabe Benzur
  • Brian Collins
  • Fictive Kin

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