It's Nice That — Disney's Young Adult Division, Freeform, Takes a Variable Turn in COLLINS Overhaul

We could not have been more thrilled to work with the remarkable team at Freeform to re-engineer their purpose and brand. Now, Freeform is equipped to continue their mission—pushing new perspectives for the ever evolving young adults who make up their loyal audience.

Joe Ortiz, our partner and SVP, Marketing at Disney says it best:

“What we started thinking about is shape and looking at that curvature and the implied motion, and so everything feels like even when it’s static, it’s moving or it’s about to move. Always at its heart, there’s the ability to change and an openness to change.”

Full story here.

L.A. Corrall on Nokia's Rebrand

In the wake of Nokia’s recent rebrand, Print Magazine asked L.A. Corrall, COLLINS Vice President and Creative Director, his thoughts on how to best evaluate the work.

“Nokia clearly wanted to signal to the world that Nokia is changing— strategically and as a business— and they wanted to do it in a bold manner. They wanted a javelin thrown into the future. This logo is the sharp end.”

You can find the rest of the interview here.

In Defense of Tropes

We can continue to talk about Bolt’s new logo (which we like) from Koto.

Or, we can talk about the more interesting conversation it’s uncovered–

We can talk about originality.

Liz Stinson and the good team at Fast Company invited Brian Collins to do just that.

Full story here.

Brian Collins at D&AD 2022

Steve Jobs had invited Brian Collins to his home for dinner. That night, he told Brian that Apple existed for just one reason:

“The world needs Apple. We need to make things that are insanely great.”

Over the last 12 years, however, groupthink in Silicon Valley and beyond has replaced big, outsized ambitions with three words:

Minimum Viable Product.

Not insanely great. Not even great. Just enough to make it through.

Now, we understand the need for fast prototyping and testing. Got that.

But how do we regain the energy embodied by “insanely great”?

How do we fuel that aim everyday?

At COLLINS, we work to make room for embracing the unexpected, mistakes and the absolutely unintentional.

And we never leave serendipity to chance.

See the full clip of Brian’s talk at D&AD in London here.

Square Roots Triples Growing Capacity in 2022

Our friends at Square Roots, the technology leader in indoor farming, just announced plans for a new facility in Kentucky. It marks a tripling of their growing capacity this year.

The new location features the latest in Square Roots’ growing platform, promising yield increases of 30% using a range of automation technologies from seeding to harvesting and sanitization.

It’s another encouraging milestone in their journey towards making locally grown, fresh produce available to everyone, all year round.

Read more here.

Mural Unveils Product Updates and Brand Transformation

We have all spent time working as a part of a team. So we all have experience with projects grinding to a halt or workstreams hitting a wall.

It’s draining, frustrating and often confusing as to what, exactly, went wrong. We blame ourselves. And sometimes (if we haven’t had our coffee), we start pointing fingers.

But more often than not, the people are not the problem. The problem is how those people are working together.

That’s where Mural comes in. They know that good work only happens when you work well together. It’s why they designed a new platform and tools to make seamless, thoughtful collaboration easy for any team.

We’re grateful to have worked with the great people at Mural to craft a new strategy, tone of voice and design system. To support their transformation from a collaboration tool to a community primed to close the gap between ideas and impacts for teams everywhere.

Case study coming soon.

AIGA Winners Announced


We’re thrilled seven of our projects have been selected as winners at the first AIGA Design annual design competition in more than a decade.

Bravo to all of our incredible clients and, of course, to our team.

And thank you, judges. What a way to head into the holiday season.

You can see all the honorees here.

COLLINS Sounds x KALW 91.7 FM — Play the Bay

Coming to you from KALW 91.7 FM in sunny San Francisco:

A very special Friday edition of COLLINS Sounds.

A Side -
100+ hand picked tracks from the KALW DJ’s.

B Side -
A discussion of KALW’s award-winning redesign between COLLINS designer Barney Stepney and Managing Editor David Boyer.

Turn your digital dials to our Spotify to see what’s playing in the Bay and hear our friend Barney’s made-for-radio pipes.