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OYO defies simple classification; they’re a hospitality-technology powerhouse transforming the travel experience on a global scale.

Ritesh Agarwal started the company in 2013 to address a neglected corner of the Indian hospitality landscape: the economy hotel room. Before OYO, travelers on a budget had few reliable options and were forced to take a leap of faith to stay at completely unfamiliar, locally-owned hotels or stay with family. Discovering and booking these properties was also a challenge – and the in-person experience was too often a let-down.

OYO was founded with the belief that everyone deserves access to quality travel experiences, regardless of their budget. In bringing this vision to life, OYO transformed the industry, partnering with local hotels to ensure they meet a set of core customer experience promises. OYO has also developed their own proprietary software to streamline operations for property owners and elevate the experience of every OYO stay.

Our partnership with OYO began with a two-week, cross-country immersion across India. The COLLINS team engaged the OYO experience firsthand, staying at properties from Mumbai to Shirdi to Goa to Delhi. In-person ethnographies allowed us a more intimate understanding of Indian culture; our strategy workshop with OYO leadership helped us identify the company’s values and goals.

Together, we realized that OYO enables movement in the geographic sense – but also that travel, new experiences and new spaces move us as people, too. Expanding horizons. And evolving lives for the better.

In developing a new brand and creative system with OYO, our goal was to grow a new emblem for everyone with a desire to go, to explore. The new working identity program was a manifestation of this notion; always on the move, adapting to different contexts, seeking new expressions. Always anticipating and accommodating. A new identity that remains familiar for those who already love it and inviting for those who want to know more.

The supporting design system works to be friendly and vivid, like OYO’s birthplace, but restrained in its expression. A modular system designed to be flexible and highly functional – supported by new photography, illustration, and expressive patterns. It’s a working, coherent toolkit that focuses their internal creative teams, while also encouraging the use of their own artistry and exuberance across the expanding range of OYO properties and locations.

A simple idea with a kaleidoscope of expressions — like OYO itself.


  • Dashiell Alison
  • Ben Crick
  • Brian Collins
  • Jump Jirakaweekul
  • Bryna Keenaghan
  • Antonia Lazar
  • Emily Morris
  • Brian Okarski
  • Erik Berger Vaage
  • ___
  • Maninder Gulati
  • Monika Holod
  • Nishant Jayaswal
  • Neha Sharma
  • Motherland