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Equinox Hotels


Pioneers have a problem. Once they expand boundaries and turn unknown lands into the familiar, how do they decide what’s next?

Having pioneered luxury fitness across the world — with 83 fitness clubs in 14 major markets — Equinox was looking for another way to exceed the high expectations of their loyal community.

Opening a hotel felt like a natural progression.

For 25 years, they have pushed the boundaries of movement, nutrition, and regeneration. A hotel could be a place where their holistic approach to wellbeing could continue to live more fully. To elevate and extend their brand towards this new opportunity — they invited us to design and launch ‘Equinox Hotels’.


We helped to define the Equinox audience as those who are constantly striving to be better than who they were yesterday. It’s through this pursuit that they are lead to opposing extremes: Discipline and indulgence. Relentlessness and relaxation. Absolute excess and complete absence. They want it all. They go after it all. And they want a place that shares their appreciation for these collisions. For the all and the nothing.

We believed the expression of these dualities could complement each other. By crafting an uncommonly disciplined brand language — rooted in the idea of extremes — we embraced this philosophy.

Light and dark. Warm and cool. Hard and soft. Up and down. Black and white. Near and far.

These extremes define the brand of Equinox Hotels.

Our brand system looked to amplify the equity built into the existing Equinox brand, yet elevate and evolve it for the future. By taking a familiar graphic element from the original Equinox wordmark, we could imbue it with new meaning and tell a new story. Now, instead of inviting guests to work out with them for a few hours, they are invited to stay for a few days. By embracing this new tone of restraint, we can expand from the intensity of movement combined with the art of regeneration.

The system is built to also embrace the distinct tones of each location, acting as a framework for the qualities of each city.

The first Equinox hotel launched in New York City’s Hudson Yards, with plans to open doors in several cities across the globe in the two next years.


  • Gabe Benzur
  • Megan Bowker
  • Brian Collins
  • Mari Juliano
  • Bryna Keenaghan
  • Mark Kingsley
  • Tomas Markevicius
  • Leo Porto
  • Jules Tardy
  • Natalie Vartanian
  • Hugo & Marie