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More Than Magic

Target wanted to do something they’d never done before. Their first ever cross-category brand: aimed at eight to twelve year-olds girls, and featuring over 500 products from apparel, beauty, tech, and stationery.

To resonate with this audience, they invited COLLINS to develop and launch an inclusive, imaginative brand that embraces girls’ uniqueness and self-expression.

Girly. The meaning of this word evolves as young girls define it for themselves. Loud. Messy. Confident. Silly. Strong. Funny. Smart. Bold. Kind. ‘Girly’ is a small word that contains a magnitude of personality and possibility. We wanted to create a brand that allowed room for all of it.

Because it ain’t easy being a tween. You’re not a kid. Not yet a teenager. It’s often the resilience of your own imagination that gets you through it. We wanted to speak to this–creating a dreamlike, whimsical world that didn’t advocate perfection or some unrealistic ideal, but rather, magic and the surreal.

‘You don’t have to be perfect to be amazing’–More Than Magic champions girls as they imagine who they are and who they could be. The playful brand illustration style brings more joy across every touchpoint with twinkling, magical creatures and skateboards sparkling off into the distance. Every element in our system is supported by an expansive color strategy that welcomes girls as they experiment with their own personal style and identity.

We’re thrilled to have partnered so closely with Target in helping to shape and bring this brand to life.

More Than Magic launched in Summer 2019. As a spirited beacon of self-expression, tweens shamelessly donned their sequined jackets, and post-tweenage-girls (a.k.a moms) said “it’s honestly kind of hard not to fall in love with it at first sight”.

That’s more than magic to us.


  • Gabe Benzur
  • Megan Bowker
  • Madeleine Carrucan
  • Brian Collins
  • Michelle Fonseca
  • Cheryl Johnson
  • Mari Juliano
  • Sanuk Kim
  • Sohee Kim
  • Tomas Markevicius
  • Dave Rowland
  • Barney Stepney
  • Kris Wong
  • Target Creative