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With over 2,000 stores worldwide, Aldo is a shoe and accessories brand that has become one of the largest fashion retailers in the world. The company has built a massive following of people looking for the latest in fashion at an accessible price.

COLLINS was invited to help accelerate that momentum by re-imagining the brand along its entire customer journey, addressing the rapid changes happening in tech and retail. With many new channels and players flooding the fast fashion market, being affordable and on-trend was no longer a meaningful point of brand differentiation for Aldo.


Our goal was to push Aldo away from discount retail and into a more premium position and expression. Every aspect of the experience now works to build the trust and enthusiasm consumers have for Aldo products. By introducing a new design system and fine-tuning key elements (like carefully re-crafting their famous logotype) we established a strong foundation that guided us through the development of every part of the brand experience — from packaging, in-store signage and digital displays to their digital advertising, web and mobile expressions.

We also created a new communication program for Aldo based on layered, collage-based art direction and photography. It was launched with an in-house campaign shot by celebrated photographer Julia Noni.


  • Leo Porto
  • Carl Jesper Versfeld
  • Leland Maschmeyer
  • Brian Collins
  • Melissa Braun
  • Courtney Shares
  • Ben Crick
  • Gabe Benzur
  • Nicholas Rezabek
  • Work & Co
  • Aldo Creative Team