Project Information

Azealia Banks


We produced the music video for the launch of “Wallace”, the fourth single off of Azealia Bank’s album, Broke With Expensive Taste.


“Wallace” is a song about a woman standing up to a man who has wronged her. Our ambition was to emotionally enhance this story through a Web-based, interactive video. In it, Azealia plays the confident confronter. The viewer is the one confronted. As the viewer moves, Azealia moves with them to maintain eye contact and keep the viewer in the confrontation. Experience the video here.


“Wallace” was developed in-house at COLLINS through a collaboration with Lars Berg, Nick Ace, Brett Renfer, and Rob Soucy. It is a WebGL-based interactive application for the browser. We used JSFeat, a JavaScript Computer Vision library, and the HTML5 Media Capture API to track each viewer’s face in real time from their web camera. The software mixes six green-screened, high-res videos based on the position and speed of the viewer’s face. Our team developed a custom texture-based slitscanning effect to create seamless, liquid-like transitions between each video. The project was supported by Google’s App Engine, Cloud Storage, and Chrome teams, and was built exclusively for Chrome.


  • Lee Maschmeyer
  • Brian Collins
  • Nick Ace
  • Brett Renfer
  • Lars Berg
  • Google

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