Project Information

vitaminwater Brand System

When vitaminwater launched in 1996, its minimal, pharmaceutical-inspired packaging and irreverent voice made it an icon. But 20 years later they were up against an explosion of copycat products and needed to keep pace with if not ahead of the culture, once again.

vitaminwater asked us to help them revitalize the brand with a new operating system, new strategy and visual language. To do this we needed to reinvigorate the magic that made them so iconic in the first place.

Our solution builds off their iconic label, bold tone of voice, and endless variety of flavors, positioning them as a champion of vibrancy. Vibrancy of personality, expression, and identity — an idea that was natural to their brand and something the world could use a little more of.

The vitaminwater brand book is the exclamation point at the end of that process. Part history, part strategy, and part guidelines, it’s told in vitaminwater’s unmistakable cheeky voice, using the vivid and optimistic visual identity we created. It rejoices in vitaminwater’s past and plots a road map for its future.


  • Ben Crick
  • Leo Porto
  • Ian Aronson
  • Antonia Lazar
  • Catherine Dailey
  • Camille Sauve
  • Tom Elia
  • Mari Juliano
  • Brian Collins
  • vitaminwater Creative Team