Project Information

The East Cut

The East Cut is a newly formed neighborhood in downtown San Francisco. Consisting of the Transbay, Folsom and Rincon Hill districts, The East Cut unifies these disparate areas into a modern metropolitan community. Consisting of the newest and largest building in the city, The East Cut bridges the juxtaposition of an emerging, contemporary urban area with one of the oldest, most historically rich parts of San Francisco.

The neighborhood’s new name references the historic Second Street Cut made through Rincon Hill in 1869. That decision originally caused this area to be a distinct, separated part of the city.

The new name, symbol and identity program developed by COLLINS now signals both the place it occupies, as well as its reinvention.


  • Matt Luckhurst
  • Steve Reinmuth
  • Erik Berger Vaage
  • David Nguyen
  • Caroline Bagley
  • Christian Widlic
  • Kris Wong
  • Anna Sternoff
  • Ashley Kasten