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Room Essentials


Room Essentials is Target’s line of Modernist home furnishings. Its many SKUs cross multiple categories. But sales needed to be kicked into higher gear. Target asked us to help build renewed enthusiasm by rethinking the brand.


Our brand platform, “Easily Modern,” emerged from an insight into Millennials’ decorating journey: They struggle to recreate “that look.” Their journey begins on Pinterest. Upon falling in love with a look, they venture to several stores in an attempt to recreate it. Almost always the attempt in is vain. “Difficult,” “time consuming,” “expensive” is they described their shopping experiences. We knew Room Essentials could make it easier for them. Inspired by California Modernism, the full line of items is easily mixed and matched to attain a clean, modern look – a look, we noticed, that also fills Pinterest’s boards.

Leveraging our Pinterest insight and the guest’s journey, we approached product photography not only as imagery for packaging but as inspiring content that would feel authentic to, yet eye-catching on, Pinterest as well. That way, Millennials could see something on Pinterest, go to the store – and see that exact image on the shelf. In short, we recreated Pinterest in the real world and created a seamless content experience.


A new packaging system - along with refreshed product design by Target - is helping Room Essentials drive a much-better-than-hoped-for growth in sales.


  • Brian Collins
  • Lee Maschmeyer
  • Ben Crick
  • Johnny Por Taing
  • Target Creative

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