Project Information

New York Knicks


The Knicks had a problem: The team was in a slump and, as a result, ticket sales were poor. The Knicks needed to reignite the energy, love and fandom of New York City. They started by recruiting new talent on the court. Then, they hired us to create a campaign promoting the team.


The “Knicks Now” used a visual approach never before used in their marketing to signal that this team was unlike any team the city had ever seen. The visual system took familiar marking of the Knicks and courts and expressed them in surprising ways. With new team players and leadership, the campaign rallied the city’s basketball fans and brought coherence to the Knicks’ brand experience − from interactive and social media to advertising and environments, to uniforms and ticket designs.


  • Lee Maschmeyer
  • Christian Widlic
  • Milan Zernic
  • Thomas Wilder
  • Brian Collins
  • Jeff Lewis Photography

What we did