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Keep Going Further.

For over a century Ford has pioneered the automotive industry, blazing trails for competitive and complementary entrants alike to capitalize on the company’s consistent innovations. Beginning with models A, K and S, then focusing on distribution of the Model T, Ford built its reputation on quality, scale and invention.

Our challenge was to help the remarkable company make a revolutionary statement at the Detroit Auto Show and showcase Ford’s commitment to improving cities and mobility through advancements in technology. Ford wanted to unveil their vision at this largest auto show in the world.


Ford has a history of predicting the future, as evidenced by their legendary pavilions at the 1939 and 1964 World’s Fairs. One of our key principles at COLLINS is to look to history to inform our thinking, using a brand’s legacy as a slingshot to the future. Building on this notion, we worked with Ford executives to celebrate their 100-year old heritage as prescient dreamers, and construct their vision into a new and reimagined City of Tomorrow.


At the Joe Louis Arena in Michigan, the City of Tomorrow came to life. The scale, technology and event design was built to make the audience feel as though they were looking through a portal into the future.
TED, Vice and The New York Times all held events around the transportation symposium. Mayors from around the world, including New York’s Mike Bloomberg, appeared on stage to discuss the emerging need for new mobility solutions that go far beyond increasing the number of highway lanes.


We created a new platform for the Ford Motor Company to communicate their remarkable vision for the future.

Ford’s efforts echoed across the media landscape. The company is now leading a conversation around transportation and global innovation through mobility.

As Forbes Magazine recognized Ford had changed the game, they said “it was a bit surreal.” Or, as online industry site The Drive said: “You know it’s a new world in auto shows when Ford fills a Detroit hockey arena with breathless journalists—and its (cars) are relegated to a mere warm-up act.”


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