Project Information

The Exploratorium: Inflatable Summer Campaign

Blowing minds with blow up art.

The Exploratorium partnered with Colossal to curate its exhibition, “Inflatable: Expanding Works of Art”, a series of massive, air-filled sculptures and fantastical beings that surprise museum guests around every corner.

Extending the playful nature of the art into San Francisco’s streets, COLLINS created a design solution, wayfinding and marketing campaign all unified with a set of custom inflatable letterforms as tactile as the experience itself. The letters dynamically blow up to fill whatever space they’re in; from buses to billboards to banners. Each expression is unique, every surface a new canvas - we blanketed the city with bursts of bright blue, inviting viewers into the wondrous world of Inflatable.


  • Angie Shih
  • Anna Sternoff
  • Ben Crick
  • Joanna Hobson
  • Kris Wong
  • Matt Luckhurst
  • Sohee Kim
  • Exploratorium Team