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Media today is undergoing an unprecedented change, and DEFY is at the head of the charge — captivating a new breed of audience by building revolutionary, obsession-worthy media and brands.

One of the largest creators of digital content for young people, its portfolio of channels and shows rack up over 800 million views per month. But despite their massive reach, DEFY wanted to earn greater industry recognition and traction from audiences and advertisers. With their highly diverse portfolio spanning gaming, comedy, and lifestyle, they had difficulty telling a story about their scale, reach, and impact. DEFY needed an iconic, unifying identity to help them tell a bigger, more relevant story.

Our visual system springs from what DEFY is achieving in its industry: emerging where others recede, challenging perception and expectation. Monumental and vibrant, Never quiet. The new brand identity plants a flag for a fundamentally new approach to media.


  • Angie Shih
  • Anna Sternoff
  • Ashley Kasten
  • Christian Widlic
  • David Nguyen
  • Matt Luckhurst
  • Steve Reinmuth