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Help a multi-billion-dollar market leader find new, long-term growth.


Business Transformation + Brand Transformation


Consumers buy products at retailers. But where do retailers buy products? At physical wholesale markets that lease retail space to manufacturers.

Atop the wholesale market industry sits International Market Centers (IMC). IMC emerged in the 2008 recession when it acquired America’s largest wholesale markets. In 2020, IMC dipped its toe into wholesale e-commerce with the purchase of the startup, JuniperMarket.

The physical wholesale market was a mature one. For years, physical market attendance, sales and rental space had plateaued. Industry pundits derided physical markets as dinosaurs while trumpeting wholesale e-commerce as the future.

Sound familiar?

We challenged IMC to skip the pointless “digital versus physical” hand wringing and jump to the answer that consumer retailers realized years ago: people want omni-channel experiences. The data validated us: 85% of wholesale buyers and sellers prefer to use both online and offline markets.

IMC had the upper hand in building the first omni-channel wholesale market:

• Its portfolio of physical markets was a moat and made IMC the preferred destination for retail buyers.
• JuniperMarkets enabled IMC to build digital connectivity across markets.

IMC agreed.

We redesigned their purpose, offering, company structure and brand around this strategy. From “a holding company of wholesale markets,” we pivoted IMC to be the first “omni-channel wholesale market.” We united their portfolio under a new name: Andmore — a promise of more ease, more access, more options, and more. Finally, we reorganized the business into four omni-channel-supporting business units:

• IMC Markets: renting market space
• IMC Advertising: providing advertising services to sellers
• IMC SaaS: building SaaS tools for buyers and sellers
• IMC Data & Analytics: offering data products and analytics services

• Saved $34M annually by redeploying JuniperMarket’s resources to build SaaS tools
• Established new revenue streams: data sales, ad sales, consulting, SaaS, among others
• Launched new tools that digitized previously analog buyer/seller interactions
• Shifted senior leader’s mindset: they now lean into growth opportunities after years of a defensive posture
• Increased total revenue YOY


  • Oilang Maui
  • Stalyn Almanzar
  • Maggie Beckham
  • Astrid Stavro
  • Kristina Bartosova
  • Tom Elia
  • Bidnam Lee
  • Farbod Kokabi
  • Dev Valladares
  • Nicole Cousins
  • Oliver Dell
  • Jade Kuzak
  • Leland Maschmeyer