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ADC Call for Entries

Founded in 1920 in New York City, the Art Directors Club leads the longest-running and most celebrated award for all forms of design, advertising and creativity.

COLLINS was asked to create the Call for Entries for this year’s Annual Awards.

We invited six animators from around the world to elevate the iconic ADC Cube as a symbol of relentless creativity and ambition. In these six short films, the cube takes a journey from misfit to adversity and, finally, to achievement. COLLINS wrote the story and produced “The Cube”, taking viewers on a six-sided adventure, drawing inspiration from every creative person’s quest.

Given the ADC’s history of honoring groundbreaking work of all stripes - and creativity being collaborative by nature - our goal was to showcase the variety of artists who are part of the international ADC community. Michael O’Rourke, Executive Director of the organization states, “we believe it’s important to acknowledge the critical steps that lead up to making a great piece of work possible.”

As creativity spans disciplines, time, and borders, we set out to bring voices from around the world to create something new. Each studio we invited has a unique point of view and an obsession with craft. The goal of our collective work was to combine our varying styles, visions and hopes into one big, inviting story.


  • Antonia Lazar
  • Alison Pincus
  • Jules Tardy
  • Chris Holzfeind
  • _
  • Golgotha (part 1)
  • Laurie Rowan (part 2)
  • Dasha Chukhrova (part 3)
  • Frances Haszard (part 4)
  • Angela Stempel (part 5)
  • CATK (part 6)

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