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Lustgarten Foundation

The Lustgarten Foundation is a non-profit organization with an important mission: advancing scientific and medical research related to the diagnosis, treatment, cure and prevention of pancreatic cancer.

With 100% of all their donations going directly to cancer research, the foundation has laid the groundwork for a dramatic shift in the standard of care. It seeks to change the odds, giving patients smarter strategies for today and tomorrow.

COLLINS was invited to reimagine the foundation’s brand to better support its mission. We needed to bring greater awareness to their cause. Inspired by emerging research from the Lustgarten Foundation, the new identity leverages their ambition in seeking the missing pieces that will ultimately lead to a cure for pancreatic cancer.

The new identity and program is designed to balance a paradox - embracing the driving optimism of the organization, while concurrently expressing the seriousness of the disease their patients face.


  • Camille Sauve
  • Natalie Vartanian
  • Thomas Wilder
  • Brian Collins
  • Identity Design

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