Marketing & Development Associate / NY

The Marketing & Development Associate position will focus on supporting company marketing efforts through communications and business development.

From a communications standpoint this role will manage all outgoing messages across social, website, and email. We are looking for someone who is passionate about design and
brands and who can help capture and share our company culture. Because you only get one chance to do things right online, this person also needs exacting attention to detail.

In terms of business development, the Associate will assist with research and strategic initiative projects for the new business team. This team member will lead the creation and structuring of a client targeting model for COLLINS, under the guidance of the Director of Development, and will also be responsible for identifying industry trends and partnerships that could lead to new growth opportunities. Strengths in critical thinking, business insight, research, and a strong drive are crucial.

For this role we need someone who is a voracious learner, a team player, and who can be autonomous and proactive.