Business Director NY/SF

The Business Director (BD) is responsible for both the client’s business as well as COLLINS’ business, and manages his/her accounts growth, profitability, and relationship with the client. The client sees the BD as their peer and strategic partner at our company and she/he understands the client’s business on a level of fluency that the client does — sometimes even more fluent. The BD knows the company’s structure inside and out, and also has exceptional business skills, salesmanship and diplomacy. The BD provides insight into creative work, and is able to confidently lead the client in understanding why it’s good for their business. The BD provides clarity when needed and sets the vision for the account and the team. Looking for someone with at least 8+ years experience.


  • Intuitive and highly empathic.

  • Knows when to lead, when to collaborate, when to listen.

  • Strong business acumen and fluency in the industry and our clients’ businesses.

  • Is a powerful presence at the company – people look up to her/him. Sets the bar high.

  • Phenomenal decision making and problem solving skills.

  • Knows how to address and resolve conflict.

  • Handles “hard conversations” with savvy and finesse.

  • Effectively balances the needs of the team, the client and the business with agility.

  • Powerful presentation skills.